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Fransimo Bohemia

Ch. JCh. Highly Matilda
Fransimo Bohemia

Champion Croatia
Junior Champion Croatia
Czech Club Champion

S: Wyrefare The Governor JW
D: JCh. Any Hanny Fransimo Bohemia

Geneticky L2HGA/HC clear

Pedigree of Highly Matilda Fransimo Bohemia
Highly Matilda Fransimo Bohemia Wyrefare The Governor Bourtie Red Prospect Bourtie Prospect Of Glory
Bourtie Originario
Seastaff Flaming Belle Of Wyrefare Northpoint’s Red Devil At Seastaff
Stokes Red Rose
Any Hanny Fransimo Bohemia Sharoc Fransimo Red Boy Tameford Paratrooper From Sharoc

Miss Rambling Rose From Sharoc

Aschley Fransimo Bohemia
Archie Terceto
Barlet Plzensky Sperk

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