Fransimo Bohemia

17. – 18. 02. 2018

Poděbrady Club show SBTC CZ
Judges: Mr. Jamie Mace and Mr. Pete Hopgood – breed specialists both from UK

Diamonds of Blanch White Bear aka Medo excellent in city Poděbrady , judge Mr.Pete Hopgood , nice handling my best frend Mirka Hoffmannová . Thank you very much .He fulfilled the conditions for breeding in the Czech Republic. Breeding dog from 29. March 2018. This year will not be available to mating the bitch. only V.I.P. females of Fransimo Bohemia kennel . Thank you for understanding .
Healty : Ataxia test , L2HGA/HC test , eyes ex. , heart doppler screaning , BAER TEST + / + , PATELLA 0/0 ….. HD,ED,Spondilosys later …..

Joy Mab Cyntaf Fransimo Bohemia – Judge Mr.Pete Hopgood – in strong junior class 32 dogs , excellent 1 CAJC, Winner junior class . And new Junior champion Czech republic . I am very happy and proud. Thank you very much Pete Hopgood.

Edge Knife Fransimo Bohemia excellent 2 , Res.CAC , Club show Poděbrady , judge Mr.Pete Hopgood. Thank you very much . Strong class 28 dogs !!!!

Ola Mordine Fransimo Bohemia in strong class – very promissing 3, Thank you very much Mr.Jamie Mace .Nice handing MVDr.Petra Fedorová.

Aschley III. Fransimo Bohemia, winner class nice second place   Excellent 2 res.CAC ,thank you very much Mr.Pete Hopgood

Multi. CH. Dream Tymy Fransimo Bohemia / 12 year old / – 1st place (Jamie Mace /Janastaff), Best of Veteran (Pete Hopgood /Antroboss) breeder Bc.Simona Lahodová , owner Aneta Modrovičová. Thank you very much Mr.Pete Hopgood and Mr.Jamie Mace


20. 01. 2018

STEP BY STEP . Joy – FIRST on the bloody trail of wild animals. Thanks to MVDr.Petra Fedorová

12. 01. 2018

Another of our planned mating for this year – pedigree

10. 01. 2018

All puppies are already reserved, watch our planned mating…

7. 1. 2018

Witch Voodoo Fransimo Bohemia, Within Temptation Fransimo Bohemia and Wizzard Dragon Fransimo Bohemia. Beautiful puppies CH.Vanity Sky Fransimo Bohemia and Man Jack Impossant Bohemia, who grow up in the family of my girlfriend Mirka Hoffmann. We have a beautiful Within Temptation to reserve for real people.

Within Temptation – res cz
Witch Voodoo – stay at kennel
Wizzard Dragon – res

6. 1. 2018

From Tamara and Pejši / CH.Nice And Spici Fransimo Bohemia /, we received a greeting to the New Year. Thanks. We send greetings to our breeder Simča from Pejša, who will soon celebrate his 13th birthday

6. 1. 2018

Still we offer a beautiful black female / with a blue color for their descendants / Vesper Fransimo Bohemia. WE RECOMMEND FOR BREEDING, EXHIBITIONS, BUT ALSO A COMMERCIAL. Father is Blue Champion CH.JCH.Bluedogcity I am Prince J.R. , mother black champion CH.X Coffee Santos Fransimo Bohemia. The puppies grow up in the house of Prof.MVDr.Jiri Pikula. The female is 8 weeks old and ready to be picked.

5. 1. 2018

Even in winter, we walk with the owners of our offspring for nice hikes. Thanks for the company, the experiences with our four-legged friends. Here are some pictures🙂

5. 1. 2018



I would very much like to thank for the real amount of PF and wish for the new year 2018. Here at least a handful of them.

Dovolte nám představit některé z našich chovatelských plánů na rok 2018.

On March 2018 we plan this fantastic mating. The takes place thanks to the willingness of my breeder’s model MVDr.Josef Klimeš. Which is my great thanks. I would like to thank my friend Olga de Orphanus for the beautiful advertisement.     pedigree

Another fantastic mating plans for 4/ 2018 let us introduce you . And we very much thank Loki Novak and Ante Erceg for joining several Fransimo Bohemia lines together. Thanks to the ability to mating up with the beautiful Panda. Again for a great thanks to Olga de Orphanus – pedigree

This is where the female imported from Sweden has been covered and if everything is OK. Beautiful puppies after show of successful parents with health examinations will be born around February 26, 2018.  pedigree

Here we add three of our planned coverage. More information, including pedigrees, for each responsibly planned connection can be found under photomontage.