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Fransimo Bohemia

13. 06. 2018

Caesar Julius Fransimo Bohemia – 6 days old new
For this beautiful dog we are looking for a suitable owner – a candidate. Tell me who wants black pied dog with excellent pedigree for exhibitions.

British Pride Fransimo Bohemia
Beautiful and very promising dog also from a very perspective combination of UK and Australian bloodlines. We will also read the appropriate owner. We will be glad when the dog is used as a companion, but also as a dog that will be presented in exhibition rings.

13. 06. 2018

if they can not take a picture, we will shoot a video 🙂

Nejdou vyfotit 😂🤗🍀. Když je u nás veselo.

Zveřejnil(a) Simona Lahodová dne 13. červen 2018

13. 06. 2018

Many of the smiles are sent to you by Multi.Ch.Una Mataharry Fransimo Bohemia aka Harys. Just say Harysko laugh 

Mnoho úsměvů pro vás posílá Multi.Ch.Una Mataharry Fransimo Bohemia aka Harysa . Many of the smiles are sent to you by Multi.Ch.Una Mataharry Fransimo Bohemia aka Harys. Just say Harysko laugh 🙂

Zveřejnil(a) Simona Lahodová dne 13. červen 2018

12. 06. 2018

Fantastic show team , Fantastic owner. All congratulation Diego Rooi Leeu, Magali Laura Lavintman And Lemmy .And big thanks. Happy breeder Simona Lahodová.
⭐Exposiciones Caninas SAN LUIS ⭐
🌟🌟Vosegus Fransimo Bohemia🌟🌟
Sr: Jorge Guzmán Briones (Chile) 🇨🇱
🔅CGC macho.
🔅Sexo Opuesto de raza.
Sr: Gonzalez Gimenez Subillaga ( El Salvador) 🇸🇻
🔅CGC macho.
🔅Mejor de raza.
🔅3ero de Grupo
Sr. Julio Rueda (Uruguay) 🇺🇾
Handler: Diego Rooi Leeu
PH: Carolina Bibiloni
Criadora: Simona Lahodová

08. 06. 2018

First pups our CH.JCh.Swansee Princess Fransimo Bohemia .
Caesar Julius Fransimo Bohemia – white pied male – free beautiful boy….
Cicero Tullius Fransimo Bohemia – black brindle male – res. SK
Capricci Bianca Fransimo Bohemia – white female -res.NO
Coperta Morbida Fransimo Bohemia – darkbrindle female res.CZ

30. 05. 2018

little walk

Ch.Rocky Balboa Fransimo Bohemia 10 moonths old (Sire Grand.Ch. Gremlin of Impossant Bohemia x Dam Ch.Its Black Mafie Fransimo Bohemia)

Witch Voodoo Fransimo Bohemia ( Sire  Man Jack Impossant Bohemia x Dam Ch.Vanity Sky Fransimo Bohemia)

30. 05. 2018

Around 23.6.2018 we expect the arrival of blue and brindle pied puppies from the last mating of this unique bitch imported from Australia. She always gave birth without complications and brought many good and healthy individuals to the world. For this female I would like to thank breeder Karen Peek even today, after 7 years . thanks dear Karen . Pedigree

26. – 27. 05. 2018


Quality Roots Fransimo Bohemia new 10 moonths old  – 2 x excellent 1, PRM , BOB – J . / JW /
SIRE Kanock Sanffost Z White Pompy x DAM CH.JCH.Rebecca Fransimo Bohemia
JCH.Diamonds of Blanch White Bear excellent 1 CAC
JCH.Joy Mab Cyntaf Fransimo Bohemia excellent 1 CAC,res.CACIB
CH.Black Jet Fighter Archiebald CAC,CACIB and Hannes Lorenz Lordstaff congratulation.

Dark blue Charlotte Blue Fransimo Bohemia 2x excellent 2 , congrats and thank you Nikol Terzijska and 2 x my friend Oliver Lalic – congratulation .

Anna and Junior Handling – judge Linda Voláriková /Slovakia /  Filoménne Fi-Fi CHI-Bee Master – FIRST PLACE  I AM PROUD MUM Breeder Tamča Bee-Master.

Judge Sunčica Lazič / Serbia /  Great Choco Girl CHI-Bee Master – Breeder Tamča Bee-Master  – excelent 1 PRM,BOB -J.

25. 05. 2018

We were born puppies – two dark and one blue. The blue female is booked. I offer a beautiful dark dog in the reservation. Whole Dog Names of puppies: British Prida Fransimo Bohemia and British lord Fransimo Bohemia and Blueberry Pie Fransimo Bohemia.

21. 05. 2018

Today is the year when I drove by car and brought this white dog from hot Spain. I would like to thank his breeders for being willing to sell me the son of the beautiful English dog Jackstaff Ice Man. Thank you Bruno Blanch Calonge .
JCH.nom.Crufts 2018 ,BOB-J, Diamonds of Blanch White Bear – Baer + / + , Ataxia , HC,L2hga test clear , Patela 0 /0 , heart dopler screaning …..

12. – 13. 05. 2018

Club show Kragujevač Serbia ,judge Jelena Aleksandar Lazovic
JCh.Diamonds of Blanch Orion ex.1,CAC,Club Winner ,BOB,BIS .And national show BOG First .😍
Rocky Balboa Fransimo Bohemia ex.1,PRM,Club Jung winner, BOB junior😘
Quality Roots Fransimo Bohemia ex.1 PRM .
JCh.Diamonds of Blanch White Bear ex.1,CAC.
Galé De Oprhanus ex.1,CAC,Club Winner,BOS (Ch. Quatma Fransimo Bohemia x GCh., Ch, JCh.Z-Suit Strong Boy Fransimo Bohemia)  😍

CACIB TOPOLA 13.5.2018 Judge Mrs. Ann Maria Jedut .
New JCH.Serbia /conditions met / Rocky Balboa Fransimo Bohemia excelent 1 , PRM .
New CH.Serbia / conditions met / JCh. Diamonds of Blanch White Bear excelent 1 CAC , RES.CACIB .
New JCH. /conditions met / Serbia Quality Roots Framsimo Bohemia excellent 1 PRM, BOB – J. / JW /
New CH.Serbia / conditions met/ JCh.Diamonds of Blanch Orion EXCELLENT1,CAC,CACIB, BOS .
NEW CH.Serbia / conditions met / Galé De Orphanus excellent 1,CAC,CACIB,BOB (Ch. Quatma Fransimo Bohemia x GCh., Ch, JCh.Z-Suit Strong Boy Fransimo Bohemia).

10. 04. 2018

We would like to inform you that this very interesting and last mating Dudu 7.4. and 9.4. Hold us your thumbs to get the baby.